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Ray Nicholas, President and Inventor of the Cutter's Mate, CirclePro and Strip Pro
Ray Nicholas is a Lake County, IL native who began glass working as a hobby while restoring antiques. Shortly thereafter, this self-taught artisan turned entrepreneur began to sell his stained glass windows. Seeking a better way to cut the glass, he experimented in making a new cutter. Realizing he was probably not the only one looking for a better tool, he began a year-long process of transforming his crude prototype into a marketable product. It was in 1996 that the Cutter's Mate was born. Ray said the most rewarding aspect of his invention (the Cutter's Mate) is "to see how much [it] has helped people who may have had to quit doing stained glass because of a handicap."

Amber Grace, Marketing Manager/VP
Amber Grace has recently joined Creator's Stained Glass to assist Ray in everything from advertising to accounting. She is a graduate of Trinity International University's School of Communication in Deerfield, IL. Her internship experience included a position in the graphic design department of an international stained glass distributor. She says, "The great thing about working for my dad is that I can give back to him part of what he has invested in me - namely time, and the college education I received to enable me to do this job."


"[It] levels the playing field for my weak osteo-arthritic hands. It's fast and gives good, clean cuts. I cannot believe how well it cuts inside curves. There is almost no grozing!"
E. H., Center Conway, NH

"Ease of use, how little pressure needed. No longer need to wear wrist brace to prevent tendonitis discomfort."
L. P., Charlotte, MI

"Easy to use, scored glass to separate easily; no pressure required on glass. Cuts all patterns on glass."
B.E., Tehachapi, CA

"I can cut glass faster without wasting it."
R.M., Highland Park, IL

Creator's Stained Glass