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The Padestal

THE PADESTAL really is the “Swiss Army Knife” of tablet holders. It was precision engineered to be extremely versatile, yet has no moving parts. It is simple, but can be used in many different ways. When in use, it is anywhere from 90 to 100% unseen, depending on what task you are performing on it. When it is viewable, it's pleasant to the eye, almost as though it were artistically crafted or sculpted, with a high regard for form as well as function.
We believe something as elegant as an iPad, or the more expensive tablets now on the market, ought to be worthy of something equally elegant to cradle it. We took a minimalist approach in designing THE PADESTAL, and the attention to detail is evident. No ugly clamps or swinging arms or endless overkill, nothing but an extremely secure grip.
THE PADESTAL is lightweight and has a small footprint, which makes it the prefect travel companion, but concedes nothing in the area of stability. This is a feat that is largely due to a refined sense of balance that is engineered into the product.
The special material that comprises the molded-on bumper is built to last and establishes a firm grip with any surface.
While watching a movie, it almost appears to be floating the image in the air.
While typing, THE PADESTAL puts your E-Tablet in a comfortable position making it easy for the eyes and hands.
Flip THE PADESTAL upside down and notice how it creates another position optimized for “FaceTime” so as to present your image to the receiver in a favorable way.
THE PADESTAL is a multi-angled taskmaster.
We could go on and on about THE PADESTAL. Perhaps the best way to understand all of this, is to experience it.
For the price of a DVD you can own one!
And one more thing...It's 100 % made in the USA!
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Product Pictures

Black Padestal

Blue Padestal

Clear Padestal

Green Padestal

Pink Padestal

Purple Padestal

Red Padestal



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